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Appointing the right agent is a massively important decision to make, as you have to be confident that your needs and expectations are going to be met. The presentation of your home in detailed particulars and on the internet is extremely important, but so too are the processes which will need to take place before you finally move home.

The job of a good estate agent really starts, in many respects once you have agreed your sale. The transaction will need to be progressed on a regular basis with plenty of communication with you and other parties in a chain (if applicable) and their respective solicitors or conveyancers. Successful sales don’t just happen, they need to be very carefully managed which is where our many years of experience is hugely important.

There are, of course, measures that you can take to help make sure that your home sells as easily as possible and here are some suggestions to help you on your way:

Be realistic with your asking price, buyers are more educated than ever with the tools which are available on the internet and may not even arrange to view a property which they believe to be overpriced.

Ask your potential estate agent questions, signing up with the cheapest agent or one who gives the highest valuation may not achieve the best results for your particular situation. Ask them how they set out to achieve the best price for their clients. You can then make an informed choice and decide whether it is better perhaps to pay a slightly higher fee with a view to achieving a better selling price for your home.

Prepare your home for the market; an uncluttered well maintained home and garden creates the best first impression and will help to consolidate a higher offer.

Do check your mortgage arrangements and be clear about what you may be able to borrow as this will help you to budget correctly for your new home. We have access to an unbiased independent mortgage broker if you require advice in this regard.

Make sure you have any important paperwork for your property. Items such as Fensa certificates for replacement double glazing, boiler servicing records, planning permissions and building regulations for any building or extension work. This will save time and money later down the line when you have secured a sale, nobody likes unpleasant surprises!



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